Clandestine Thoughts

Obscured in the depths of the soul

Ensnared for the time-span of an eternity

Incapable of escaping to reality

For they would not attract minions.

Way too perilous to reveal even on paper

Censored in a pad-locked journal

Frantically pining to be exposed

But most certainly to no prevail.

They overly reveal intentions

That could bring the obliteration of another

In an instantaneous moment

If ever they were completed

So forever they shall linger

In the realm of oblivion, the soul

For all time eager to be set free

To perform the evil duties never done before.

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Nick Mylan's picture

This has to be one of the best poems I have ever read! Your writing is awe inspiring. Keep up the excellent work :D

Alisa Driscoll's picture

Wow, you have pure, raw talent! I absolutely love your choice of diction, nice writing!