Only Your Love

Only your love can fill my heart

Past its capacity, Making my dear

Heart feel as if it will explode at any second.

Only your love can invade my dreams at night

Sending images of your face against mine,

It seems so genuine I’m left speechless when I wake up.

Only your love can show me light

Even on my darkest of days, luring me to

Flash you that smile you just love to see.

Only your love can lift me up when I’m weak,

Giving me the strength I need when I feel I can

No longer go on.

Only your love can make me so blissfully happy at times

That I cannot express how good I feel

And all I can do is grin.

Only your love can make me yearn

To see your face once again

And to hear your voice speak my name.

Only your love is indescribable

Making it impossible to really tell you

How much I do love you.

And only your love can make my feelings

Grow more than I knew they could, making me

Love you more than I ever thought was possible.

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Nick Mylan's picture

Im in love.. with ya poetry! This poem is soo purty.. makes me wish I had someone to love. I cant wait til you write some more for me to check out! I cant even express how totally breathetaking your stuff is. much luv and props on them <3. Keep up the good work ;)

Mindi Short's picture

i really enjoyed this poem. It truely is hard to describe in words how much you love someone when they are the one who makes you happiest. Great work, i'm glad i stumbled across your work.