Clouds of darkness surround

The little girl, so helpless sitting

On the cold, dry floor.

Malicious thoughts float in the air.

“You’re a mistake,” they say, “Nobody loves you.”

She tries not to listen, but they won’t stop.

So she cries.

For her mother, her sister, her brother,

For anybody, but nobody comes, nobody cares.

She tries to escape but time and time again she fails.

For this darkness fights to hold her in.

Away from all light, away from all hope.

Finally the girl realizes that she cannot win.

That she will never escape, and always be alone.

Then she decides to give up and stop fighting.

So the darkness covers this poor little girl,

Who is weeping alone, this helpless little girl,

Sitting on the cold dry floor.

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James Benish's picture

It is sad to realize that pure light of the little girls dreams are snuffed so easily, I was in her situation before, not the cold dry florr but the hopelessness and the emptiness of life. I realized that, to give in is the easy way, to give my every ounce of being into making life what I want, for myself and never submitting to the darkness, is the way life should be lived. I relied on people and they were not there, I don't rely on them for my reason to be here, I have realized the person I am and what I mean to myself and I have snuffed the darkness with the radiance of my self worth and have moved passed that "Cold dry florr." Wow, this poem really got me going, oops.

Nick Mylan's picture

I know exactly how it feels! dont feel too alone though hun, I love ya! <3