Sibling demons and a mother

of a Damien surround the displaced girl

whose innocence and good nature provokes

their unloving and terrifying wrath.

She doesn't belong, they know it's true.

Jealousy arises in their stone cold

midnight hearts because they never

could reach the heights of her pedastal.

So to bring her down they pestered her

darkened her spirits and erased her confidence.

They made her forget her own identity

so she took the one they gave her

of a hopeless, useless, unintelligent being

whose existance was worth no more than a dime.

They abused her mind and toyed with her emotions.

Attempt after attempt was made

to also corrupt her purely perfect soul

with influences of guns, gangs, alcohol

and family pressure to do drugs.

However they could never depreciate her soul.

All of the fights, robberies, and overdoses

only made her smarter and stronger than she was before.

She knew better than to be like them.

After a while she stopped listening

to their deathly screams of painful words

that eventually hushed into awe struck whispers

As they watched her ascend out of the inferno

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Nick Mylan's picture

This sooo seems like something I would write, except you wrote it way better than I ever could. You are soooo smart, I swear. Im jealous of your awesome talent. lol