The Beginning

Let's go back in time

Travel down memory lane

Until we hit a dead end

The first checkpoint

On our journey of demise.

The scene begins

With a little girl crying

Alone in an empty room


Tearing at the walls

Of a doorless room of sorrow

She loses sense of hope

Falls deep,

Very deep,

Into the realm of darkness.

A beautiful swan inside

Ugly duckling outside

She is flipped inside-out

Matures into a beautiful woman

Plagued with scars on her heart

Memories of what she once was.

Painted with empty smiles

Filled with false happiness

She watches her life waste away

Yet reaches out to nobody.

She has learned long ago

It's hopeless.

She crawls in a corner

Hiding from the world

That's where the scene ends

The film is broken

What we have seen

Is only Part 1

Of a saga of depression

What I like to call

The Beginning of the End.

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Kris McConnachie's picture

Very moving, and very relatable.
The last stanza had me intrigued, is this meant to be continuous story told through many poems? Because if that's the case, I would definitely be interested in reading more of.