Think Of Me - D/L

No words come from your mouth,

Yet I see it in your eyes,

Your heart fills with pain,

Your past touched by tragedy.

Even though you are not here with me,

Standing beside me,

I am with you as you make that journey,

To sew the gap in your life.

When you lay down at night,

Think of me as you sleep.

I will be in your heart,

And you'll be in mine.

My spirit becomes light,

Everytime I think of you,

Laying there, alone and broken.

With no one to comfort you.

When you return from your travels,

I will be here to welcome you back,

I shall wrap my arms around you,

And ne'er let go.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Another D/L one. These two are just so adorable! This is from Danny's POV. <33 Carmine Giovinazzo <33

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