If Only You Were Here - D/L

If only you were here with me,

Helping me along this blurred path,

Holding my hand as we walk down,

The road that is my past.

I miss you so much,

My heart doesn't feel the same anymore,

It feels...empty.

I must confront my past, let it escape,

So I can find solice once again.

I wish you were here, drying my tears,

Telling me everything will be alright.

Holding me tight, ne'er letting go,

Until the stars refuse to shine.

I shall keep you locked away,

In a special place in my heart.

I long to see you again, Danny,

To have your eyes staring into mine.

Your arms around me, our lips touching,

In a golden kiss that will ne'er fade.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Woot for D/L!! This is from Lindsay's POV when she's in Montana to testify in a case from her past.

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