House is not a home

You have always been my reason to come home

Without you there I find no comfort alone
I hate this house...... Life lacks overall
This room black and empty as that hole in the wall
I can't ever forgive you, I won't ever be the same
But my heart still lives here now my body is lame
It's incredible to me how much change life can hold
Things that mattered before now have been sold
The girl I knew still lives on in my dreams
I am smarter now because we ripped at the seams
That life moved on and forgot about me
It's time I do the same.... It was meant to be. 
Shane Aaron
July 8 2013
Author's Notes/Comments: 

I put the hole in the wall... With my fist. I lost my cool. So much smarter now... I met someone new after years alone and am reminiscing about how I felt when my last relationship ended... Fear has not ever sprung me forward in life before so I suppose it is time to take the plunge again... I dont want to die alone and I have found that spark again. Feels refreshing, I am so nervous haha. 

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