Iā€™m not pessimistic


                           I just see things differently

I see reality. I see the truth.

The shameful truth, the ugly truth

                           The truth everyone knows about

But ignores

The truth is reality

         And reality is the truth

I chose to see the ugly truth

                                             Because I am the ugly truth



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If you accept everything as such, thinking, that is what reality is; then you are a realist!  But for that. choosing the ugly truth is going for your  own options. If you find time read my poem on 'Depression'.  Nice write!


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Hmmm realist eh? I used to

Hmmm realist eh? I used to call myself a realist... but then I realized it was just an excuse for being negative about everything. I still am rather negative and overly critical though, I just don't hide behind the guize of "realism"