My Favourite form of Entertainment.



Over the years I have had many different types of hobbies: the hobbies I find most entertaining and enduring, are the arts and literature.

These may seem like quite humble past times, in these days of such advanced science and technology. But I find these aforementioned hobbies quite engrossing and entertaining.

What I find entertaining about these hobbies of mine : are that both forms of art and literature are my own creations; and involve a lot of concentration and effort when expressing my ideas, emotions, thoughts and opinions through these artistic forms.

At art I like to create sceinic landscapes: I find a tranquil place within my mind and feel a great sense of achievment and satisfaction; in the acrylic and watercolur paintings I have produced. It is also my intention to try oil painting too and see how I fair at this type of artistic endeavour.

Occasionally, I read up about a famous artist, past or present day. However, I concentrate mainly on my own personal skills;I think creating through art gives the artist good reason to be selfish. As I find painting, such a personal interpretatsion of my viewpoint.

A favourite local artist of mine is Barbra Boland; particularly her interpretation in acrylic painting of Monet's "bridge over the lilly pond"; or more usualy called "Monet's garden". Barbra Boland's attention to detail in this painting is truly amazingl so is her use of colours.

I have attended two Art Exhibitions, both locally, in Porthcawl. Both exhibitions I thoroughly enjoyed: one at the Grand Pavillion Porthcawl, I entered a painting also, entitled "Tenby Reflections".

As I was browsing at this exhibition I was also photographed by the local Gazette and my photo was in the newspapers.

The Art world is full of creators and innovators; and I too like to discover my own potential for creativity.

Regarding creative writing, poetry and prose; I loved literature at school: there seemed so many aspects of interpretation, woven into the works of literature.

These hidden, or I should say carefully disguised, interpretations added so much more depth and detail to the character's personalities and also the story or plot.

Giving life to their plays, riddles, poems and a great insight into their lives and the prevailing social attitudes of their time period in history.

Depicted in these writings are the usage of popular language in literature and the appreciation and depreciation of words and phrases; so the continuation of change in a language, the English language is a good example of this.

Poetry is a favourite form of artistic interpretation of mine. To combine or condense opinions and observation through poetry is enjoyable, also I think easier than writing up a few A4 sheets of paper, in explanation of a topic.

Rhyming is important in poetry: it helps set the scene for the poet to be able to explore, their senses as much as their thoughts and opinions; it also creates rhythm.

When creating a piece of prose, I often like to reminisce about  my childhood. Admittedly I was a bit of a tomboy; adventurous and mischievious. Excellent material to look back upon and write up about, in these increasingly technological times.

Lately I have been to some plays locally, where I live e.g. "The Producers", another was "Under Milk Wood" written by Dylan Thomas a Welsh poet; and soon I shall attend the play "A Winter's Tale".

Creativity is important to me; art and literature are great outlets for this need of mine to create.

I would recommend both the subjects of art and literature as a means of great entertainment and enlightenment for an individual.

Romance, intrugue, politic, history are but some examples of literature's spectrum of topics.

By Anita Griffiths

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