Customs and Culture of Wales:


An ancient commemorative day in Wales dating back to fifth centuary is St. Dywnwen's Day.

St. Dwynwen was the patron Saint of Lovers; very much like today's St. Valentine's Day.

Dwynwen loved Maelon Dafodril; however, her father disapproved of their love and had already promised her to somebody else in marraige.

Dwynwen begged God to erase Maelon from her mind and turn him into a block of ice. God via one of his angels granted Dwynwen her wish. Three more wishes were granted to Dwynwen. Firstly Dwynwen choose to thaw Maelon, then secondly she choose for God to meet the hope and dreams of lovers genuinely in love. Thirdly Dwynwen choose never to marry.

All these wishes were granted to Dwynwen and so she decided to devote her life to God and doing God's work.

At Llanddwyn; Dwynwen founded a monestary, she died in 465 a.d.

The Welsh language is important to the Welsh, even though, only a few percentage of people speak Welsh fluently.

An example of how important Welsh is to the Welsh people. can be seen in historical accounts of a young girl named Mary Jones (more popularly called Mair) of Llanfi-hangell in 1790.

After six years of hard work; at the age of 16 Mary Jones had saved enough money to purchase a Welsh bible with her hard earned savings.

Today Mair's Walk is an organized tourist attraction; and tourists and Welsh people alike; walk this route to commemorate Mair's achievement and determinatison to have her own personal Bible written in the Welsh language.

Independant National politic is a minority concern in Wales ; preserved by us minority percentage of National Citizens of Wales.

Leanne Wood is a politician in Wales: born in Pen-y-graig, Rhondda Wales in 1971.

In 2003 Leanne was elected as a member of the National Assembly of Wales. On 15th March 2012 Leanne was elected Plaid 's party leader.

In 1991 aged 20 Leanne Wood joined the Plaid Cymru party. Leanne Woods was the first member of the Welsh Assembly to be asked to leave the Assembly: for addressing the Queen of England as "Mrs. Windsor"; which is her correct marital status and name.

Leanne Wood does not recognise the Queen of England or her role as such.Personally I think the above anniversary of Leanne Wood having to leave the Welsh Assembly, should be  commemorative day. As I am in agreement with Leanne Woods and the Plaid Cymru party: that the Royal titles of Wales should be resigned; and a fairer and more equal society be created throughout Wales,for our Citizens.

Hopefully soon we in Wales can celebrate an Independent Wales Day and have a National holiday to annually commemorate.

There has also never been a vote on whether the Queen of England, should rule Wales or other members of their family either. The Royal family are also ; "there by the will of the people"

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Theres elections and a refferendum soon too. Where there is a will theres a way.

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