Wind Turbines:



The concept of wind turbines is a very old idea dating back hundreds of years. In days of such intense and extensive use of technology; that has brought  about global warming and is a threat to ourselves and our planet Earth. It is reassuring to know that some of these technologies have been put to use, by being developed, so as not to have carbon emmissions, that are so harmfull to our immediate local and also global environment.

Wind turbines are a very good idea: to harness the wind and it's force, to capture the electricity it makes and store it for use by domestic, commercial and industrial consumers.

Some people complain that they are not viable, too large, not efficeint enough or too many of them, even complaints about their unsightliness. I'd like to argue the point, in their favour: e.g. windmills have always been a part of the landscape throughout Europe. Windmills used in conjuction with flour mills, corn mills, water mills and other commercial and industrial ventures, used to dot the landscape both in the countryside and towns.

Todays windmill the wind turbine is also far safer to make electricity with than nuclear reactors. The results of the Chernoble nuclear reactor going into meltdown, we are still living with across Europe.

The wind turbines have been installed in  most localities localy and throughout the UK, they have even been installed at sea.

People also complain that the turbines make too much noise this and also the movement makes them ill. I still don't think they will make you as ill as radioactive reactors.

The waste from these reactors should not be stored in Wales either. I think it would be a good idea for each house to have it's own mini wind turbine and also solar panels. This should be for the poor and public, co-ownership, time - share and private sectors.

I do not think that the snobbery of financial and class warfare should get in the way of making safe sustainable energy; this way wherever you live, you know that you are doing your bit for the local, European and global anti-warming scheme. 

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