The Christmas Party

Seasonal Holidays:


At the Christmas party; many did attend.

Cheerie "hello's" and Christmas wishes" generously bestowed.

For my Christmas party hat I had to fend.

As over my eyes the paper coronnet did descend.

Christmas cards and presents exchanged.

Such a happy time as we gathered together.

Party seating found and festively arranged.

Many a Christmas drink devoured and another!!

The feast served so meticuously by waiting staff.

A Christmas roast lunch with all the trimmings!

There followed more courses and many laughed;

For sheer joy and merriment, as the lights began dimming.

Entertainment for the evening were two songsters.

Occassionaly interrupting with the odd joke.

Great ammusement, as the audience sang like choresters.

With balloons, trimminngs and party poppers, we popped at every stroke.

Author's Notes/Comments: 



I hope all your parties this Christmas with relatives and friends are great too.

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