Egg Haiku Poem

Haiku Poems


White oval shell!

Nutured in the sun ray.

Incubation time.


When time to hatch.

Natures clock, times the birth,

Snake or bird?


White oval orb,basking.

Whilst nestling in my lawn

Slither of fly?


The weather contrary

Hope hatching goes well

Will watch you close. -


Better not thunder!!!

Word of friendly advice

Kill your membrane.


Weeks of growing

You will die if disturbed!

Thunderous roar destroys.


The elements collide;

Comes the downpour of rain,

Heat, humidity dies.


Or nature will miss;

Emplore heavens don't roar -

Slithers and flies.


These whole two weeks.

I've been waiting and watching,

For final breakthrough.


So far neatly hid

From view of plundering, hungry,

Bird, fowl or snakes.


Out in the open!

You have miraciously survived:

Harsh conditions.


No one to nestle

To comfort and confide you?

Heartbeat and chirping.


Do you draw comfort

From other songbirds, or

Clicking of insects?


You motherless one, here!

The whole earth as your mother

Can you hear rhythem?


The thunder has stayed

We haven't had any thunder

The day cooling now.


Still there and in good -

Condition and exact positiion!

Undisturbed morn.


"She needs a hand"

"Leave it to mother nature"

"Sometimes I have heard".




Author's Notes/Comments: 


An abandoned egg found in the garden: could it be a snake or a bird? I wonder.

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