Olympic Dawn



From Mount Olympus came the flame.

Lit by ther Suns natural rays.

To our small and green island came.

Bringing us Summer days.


Every fourth Greek year, an Olympiad.

A celebratioin of Godlike accomplishment.

Came to the land of the plaid.

Also their ascent to Olympian acclaiment.


The flaming torch to light the way.

Carried by 8,000 bearers; over as many a mile.

By night and day it shows the way.

The flame never to extinguish over the mile.


Passing through Pyle: the flame is bourne.

Stopping at every mile - to light a new torch.

The torch to withstand high winds is born.

Illuminating every corner niche.


Author's Notes/Comments: 


Wales won 13 golds what an achievement!!!

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