A News Article



Me! Write an article of news!!

Oh! What a muse!

Should it be something to amuse?

Oh! Or would it bemuse?

In depth?? A discussion?? A report??

Oh! What a retort!

Something emotionally fraught

Oh! Isn't that what we ought?

An enlightened and educated debate?

Oh! When was the last time I ate?

A superstar to bait!

Oh! I had better not be late.

No news in confidence would be better.

Oh! I must begin my letter

War torn locations to cover.

Oh! With news to smother,

To put into print life's achievements,

Oh dear! It's bereavements.

What about a charity event?

Oh! Which cause could it prevent?

Mental Health Issues!!

Oh! Dear me! Where are the tissues?

During the minds' Lent.

Oh! To go through life and know what is meant.


Anita Griffiths

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