Sounds through the Summer Haze:

Summer Haze:


I close my eyes to aid my listening.

Carried on the warm breeze I hear: an electric symphony of lawn mowers, strimmers, hedge cutting.

Nearer still I hear the water sprinkler and the melancholy calls of many birds.

As happily they bathed and watered there.

Closer the humming of the honey bee and the butterflies wings.

So to the soft call - the dove brings.

The suns strong rays; an echo makes.

Of snoozing dog and recling cat that are best mates.

Gentler sounds yet are the shimmering plants, when the winds blow.

And then my slumbering breath, did rise so and exhale so slow.

Gentler still than all the other sounds a charming melodic wind chime.


By Anita Griffiths

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