It must be good to be a gardener keen.

To grow your own food, with fingers green.

I'll just pop to the garden and pick some bean.

The bean frame so heavy with produce it leans.

What about the Summer fete's to take my harvest to.

Some for show; maybe I'll win a prize or two.

Others I could sell and make a pretty penny or two.

Or " guess how many coins in the bottle"  and ices's too.

The local farmers with their farming equipment.

Rows of prize blooms their perfumes heaven sent.

Competing cake stalls, varied preserves like blackcurrant.

Home made breads to buy; except the end one that has a dent!

And at the end of Summer a harvest festival.

The produce distributed to the needy from the back of a vehicle.

Gardening is still wonderfull especially for inside the navel.

Taste buds exploding with food; don't forget to protect you enamel

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