What's Going On:



What's Going On?

Kenfig Hill lies on a ridge of land.

Cosy old houses built tumbling down a hill.

Winding decline, tracing and trailing the curve of the land.

A good selection of village shops still.

Talbot community center is a hub of community endeavours.

A forum for local clubs; mental health, computers, bingo, keepfit.

And so much more; like lunch club and it's wonderfull flavours.

A great venue for children's parties to dance a bit.

A miners memorial stands at the heart of Kenfig.

This to commemorate miners; who died in the pits during two world wars.

Many a widow and numerous children left to their suffering!

Survival rates of these soci-economic wars; quite beyond the laws.

Village rugger and soccer are played with pride.

The village teams are quite successfull.

A good, sporty crowd gathers to watch their side.

Play these popular sports, to win, their always mindfull.

The cuisiene of the High Street; from many nations hail.

Selections of various receipies combine.

Aromours of spices, herbs and exotic dishes pervail.

Off licences tucked between houses; and sell wine.

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