In Between The Lines


If you think about it what do you do when you make a mistake on paper

There are four kinds of people,

The first are the people who erase their mistakes,

And wash them away.

The second scribble them out,

So at least they know they are there,

So they know their imperfections is what makes them complete,

Even when their heart tells them what makes them complete is being so close to

someone your hearts beat as one.

The ones that realize love is hate just expressed in a different way,

As the other one stands and realizes their mistakes are to walk so they crawl,

They think their mistake is to talk so they whisper.

The ones who erase their mistakes so no one can see behind the lies.

The third is the one who writes in pen and when they make a mistake they grab for the eraser,

But realizes they have to scribble.

Even though they don’t want to know what they have wrote because it’s  painful,

It is painful, because it is the truth

Even if they will not admit it they are running from the truth,

Because they have been living in lies,

They want the truth off  the paper.

The last are the people who tell themselves they are the one who scribble,

But look in the mirror to see themselves erasing,

The one who when put in writers block puts down their pencil,

The one who looks down instead of up because they are scared to see the mistakes they have made ahead.

People who read but instead of reading the sentences look in between the line.

I don’t know which one i am,

When i look in the mirror i realize i am in between,

I erase when all i hear in my head is perfect,

I scribble when all i hear is stop,

I try to hide the truth by telling myself lies,

When i make a mistake with pen i tear out the page.

So maybe its time to look in between my lines.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

Wrote this a couple years back!!

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I encourage you

to continue along these lines. Between the lines you will find the truth. The very vocabulary for appreciating poetry is a form of honesty, the strength of your words becomes the complexity of idealism, The desire for intricate unities of truth where desire provides an opportunity to indeed focus on how desires are staged  and how powerful poetry can be in rendering  all of emotion. Fleshing out how fully we respond to the our art has a role to play in shaping our future. Reflecting on the consequences of our actions and our words is fundamental to developing within any philosophical work of art.




"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot

_loving_the_broken_'s picture


Beautifully said and i appreciate your words of encouragement!!