i cant see it

i tell you my secrets

but not my inner thoughts

i love when you touch me

but please leave the rough spots

you call me beautiful

and i just cant see, i wont

he says he loves me

what does he see that i dont?

ive never been that girl

and its so hard to change

i want to be her for you

but it just feels so strange

theres thing i tell you

that i dont tell even my best

but theres things i do

that i can never confess

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Andrew Young's picture

awww hun...this seems so sad...you are who you are..and he loves you for that..I know it feels strange to be called beautiful and gorgeous, but I think u'll get used to it and like it more as time goes on. But you don't need to be anything for him. He liked you when he first met you the way u were, and why change that? Give him the person he originally came to like and adore :) Love ya!<33