Warm me from my inside out

I want you to be that friction

Explore me with your tongue and hands

Tell me you're fact not fiction

Soft hands on my neck

your eyes on my eyes

Soft kisses on my stomach

wet kisses on my thighs

you make me shiver and gasp in want

I arch my back, and grasp the sheets

I scratch your back and my toes go numb

all I want is your hands and lips on me.

your kisses make me want you

and make me love you all the more

your kisses always suprise me

and make me want you more than before

I love kisses on my neck

and kisses on my hips

but most of all I love,

when you kiss me on the lips.

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oh, dont you just love that feeling? ^__^ nice piece.. and it sounds like something i would write as well.