Its Halloween Time

Its haloween night

and the cold air is dreary

The children are laughing

but the laughter is weary

theres a whistle in the wind

a crack of branches in the forest

theres somebody out there

someone is coming straight for us

Now the children are screaming

and no one is laughing

as the little boy yells NO

and all you can hear is gagging

The candy is spilling

and so is the blood

its a cut throat suffocation

tootsie roll flood

A crash of thunder

The parents are crying

a flash of lightning

now they are dying.

a blood curdling scream

tears through the night

and it would seem

old ghost stories were right

on this Halloween eve

make sure to look under the beds

for the pumpkins are smashing

and so are the heads.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

happy halloween ladies and gents

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Holy shit this is amazing