Spilled Milk

I spilled the milk on the table Daddy

I didnt mean to, I promise you

the condom broke, that one time Daddy

I need your love, dont know what to do

He says I'm a disgrace

to my own family

He never wants to see my face

if I'm gunna keep this baby

I wont let you say I'm sleazy

you can agree with me or not

I know it wont be easy

but I want to keep this tot

This baby girl is mine to teach

at night when she is afraid,

to my arms I want her to reach

because this isn't a mistake I've made

I don't know if I'm ready

I'm going into labour, and you're not here

I need you here to keep me steady

I'm alone and so full of fear

She is so beautiful Daddy

I wish you could see her now

but I spilled milk on the table Daddy

and I'll clean it up somehow.

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