infinity plus two - Jamie

you're my best friend

what else can i say

youve been there for me

everything single day

through boys, and pain

through the sunburns and pouring rain

i cant live without you by my side

weve been Jamie and Jennita for so long

without you i would die

whether its cramming for a physics test

or when im crying on your bathroom floor

i know that there will always be that door

that door thats always open,

if im in a time of need

that door that never closes

no matter how bitchy  ive been

i dont feel like i could say enough

to show my love and need for you

i love you more than skittles

and more than kangaroos

i love you more than chipmunks

i love you more than the sky can be blue

i love you more than the rainbow

i love you for infinity plus two.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is about my best friend she is amazing
AMAZING!!!!! i love you more than mini m&ms jamie
more than mini m&ms!!!!

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Benore H's picture

OMG!!! This poem is so good. Shows that you have somone there for you willing to help you along. Really good poem.