Not Some Perfect Barbie Doll

I'm trapped in my own mind,

my skins holding me captive.

I won't allow myself out

its useless,

"just like me"

i think inside my head,

i really am a failure,

im everything you said.

you think that im exaggerating,

but everything i write is real.

i want to scream at you,

but the jar of my thoughts,

has an extremly tough seal.

I can't tell you what I'm thinking,

you criticize every word I say.

I can't wait for the comfort of nighttime,

then I remember I'll soon face another day.

I cry and cry,

but you push away all my pain.

so I act all sweet and innocent,

but it's driving me insane.

I want to fly away,

Im not your little girl.

I want to float on the clouds,

looking over this crazy world.

Stop trying to conform me,

to what you wanted to be.

I'm not some perfect barbie doll,

you can't playing dress up with me.

get over yourself,

its not like your all that great.

I'll make my dreams come true,

no help from you,

youll see, just wait.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

i never liked barbies. grr

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Mai Hashem's picture

Even though I adore Barbies but I love the poem...No body is perfect and that's what it is all about, I love the description

Keep up the good work =)