Message to Parents

2004 / 2005

You may find this hard to believe

so listen up and be ready to receive,

The story of a girl,

I think I know quite well.

A girl with a mind

and a message to tell.

I know this is unusual,

something you wouldn't quite expect.

But maybe through this you'll see,

I deserve some of your respect.

Why can't you understand

Life isn't like when you were a kid?

We're completely different people,

i've done things you never did.

We have different perceptions,

Why can't you see?

Why don't you get the fact,

that we see things differently?

I think I'm old enough

to have opinions of my own.

I don't need your input,

if its not your business, leave it alone.

It doesn't have to be perfect,

cause different is more fun.

maybe if you try it my way

you'll find a better way to get things done.

I know this is unusual,

something you wouldn't quite expect.

But maybe now you will see

I have some intellect.

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Ruth Lovejoy's picture

hi in reading this it really struck me. Im a parent and grandparent.My two are 27 and 26 respectively and one has an 8yr old. Let me try to explain something so you are not as angry at your folks. Each of in each generation is brought up with ideals from our given families,some agree with them others don't and feel they need change.When parents listen to their kids they are interested in what they say but sometimes what a kid says to a parent is so shocking they don't know how to react,sometimes the fear losing their own credibility,sometimes they fear change ,sometimes they think what is being said doens't make sense to them so the rebuke it.Parents want their kids to be safeguarded, dont want them to literally fall on their faces yet within themselves know they must make their own mistakes and learn. Having gone through school of hardknocks knowing some outcomes they don't want you to feel that pain or loss,so they sometimes smother without realizing.Their overprotectiveness is just an instinct to safeguard you its not done with meanness or vegence. Sometimes where there are changes suggested that dont feel right the rebuke because of their own fear of the outcome.Consider that next time you get pissed at your folks. I do however feel parents should give their kids a degree of privacy though as long as this privacy does not lead to negative ends or depressive situations. Parents in the over all picture never would have had kids if they did not have the nurturing spirit and yes I know some get pg by accident and it "happens", some are bitter after the birth and become neglegent parents or abusive but most of the time when one has a child ,it is because you want to and want to give it all the love of your being,want to share your personage with them their whole life, just want to love another individual. Kids can learn from parents in the sense of wisdom of experience they've not gone through,but they can also teach them with the provision the "approach " is done with decency and mutual respect. Without respect there is no communication..........