Crying Blood and Bleeding Tears

2004 / 2005

I'm suffocating I can't breathe

screaming of pain

but you just can't see

crying blood and bleeding tears

so much confusion built in my mind

from all the torment throughout the years

I try to stay quiet

not to disturb your little world

but I can't hold it back any longer

I won't be a suppressed and scared little girl

I want to scream and dance and shout

I want to bleed

to let it out

I want to cry so you'll see my pain

I can't let you hurt me

I might go insane

I want you to hurt

like I did for so long

I want you to cry

from the agony you've caused all along

it's seems that I'll be fine after all these years

no longer crying blood no longer bleeding tears

I won't scream of the pain

you've yet to see

but I'm still sufocating

you won't let me breathe.

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theresa's picture

good poem gurl like it