This Guy

so theres this guy

this amazing guy

and through the lies

I've wondered why

Why he left

Why he came back

Why hes by himself

and not with me at last

theres a thing about his eyes

his hair, his neck

He seems so nice

just give me a sec

A second to tell you

to let me explain

just who he is

the reason for the rain

The reason for the thunder

lightning bolts and wind

The reason for my feelings

why this love begins

He's funny, and hes fragile

but hes confident all the while

He's adorable and sensual

caring, and responsible

so this guy, hes really great

and i dont know,

i guess its fate.

too bad itll never happen

too bad itll never be

too bad its completely over

too bad hes over me.

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Anthony Gracey's picture

I like this its really good.

Andrew Young's picture

Hey Jennita!

Awesome poem, shows that you really care for this guy. Me being who I am (nosey), maybe you should tell him how you feel if u feel anything. But this poem is really from your heart, I can tell. Love be with you!