My dreams

I want to go to Australia

go surfing on the coast

I want a boy with an accent

This is what I want the most

to sip margueritas

at a bar on the water

to go dancing with my friends

and not deal with my father

I want to be on stage

dancing and singing to the crowd

I want to have the freedom

to say everything I want out loud

scream at the top of my lungs

that I love him to know end

shout into everyones ears

I dont want to just be friends

I want to study fashion

and dance in Toronto

have a program that I love,

and a place that I belong to

I don't know exactly

what I want to do

but I do know one thing precisely

I want to do whatever it is, with you.

Author's Notes/Comments: 

this is what I want, and its frustrating

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Jamie Roberts's picture

I really like this poem,,,its soo cool:) Keep on writin hun

And i'l catch up to you someday;) LOL