Images of you

moments in time

those beautiful i eyes i cant help but
wonder why it hurts
those soft lips i cant help but think im losing you
befor ive even had a chance to know you
your touch i cant help but hope
it isnt so
the love i feel
i know its real
cause when i know your near
my heart wants to stop beating
not from fear
but from your presence
i hate not knowing where i stand
i hate not being able to understand
why i feel worried and hopeless
but more alive then ive ever felt
how can someone be able to turn my world
upside down but in the same breathe make it feel
like it was always meant to be this way,
you make everyday feel
like a dream i dont want to wake up from
images of you i never want to lose

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its a really good poem. i

its a really good poem. i enjoyed it. looking forward to more

day dreamer