to just one of many

Hyacinth garden


with closed eyes

from a million miles away

I feel with dirty hands

and those fat rough scarred fingers

so I bargain with time here

consider the prediction

 of this keyboard

a subconscious figure

a mere shrug, or a whisper,

consider the buzzing neon
an instinct often quite incessant

cast over some shadows extraction
so often obscured but
in this setting the protagonist of this passage
is truly thankful

to just one of many

the ones who own faith
only a smile is essential
to have vision, every day
for a merciful chance
to fly

and live a meaningful life

before we die

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bern's picture

9inety's Poem.

Wonderful poem, well spaced out no difficulties straining the eyes to be able to read. I enjoyed it thanks for sharing. bern