muted muse


she felt more sober

then she had all night

her face flushed

she was like a stone

she looked out
with anxious eyes



then she said,

as though she were going to cry


“don’t you love me?”


the shocks to faith,

and it seems to clash with all just notions

life is to be said of those weary twists

all to are to blame

ending is not sustainable

in a point so infamous

to elements from the illegitimate

the attachments of her

just a prisoner of place

of time and space

learn to forget

in a manner

not remembering

to love

all traces seem

to be spliced, then taped

like twined sobs
ashen in ache, splayed to the depths

of her soul
just a naked nightmare

a lost and muted muse

that left all concerned

just stumbling away



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muted muse

Loved it. Great writing.