between need and stimulation

Hyacinth garden




she has such torment
I ache for a chance encounter

to feel her dangerous elegance,

I sense her deep indigo blues

that have a rhythm in time with her muse

she day-dreams forever

while dreams become full length features in her sleep


upon waking
her words unfold languorous
like clouds that wisp passing from her lips
merely soft, ever silent
I can almost hear her
her voice just a whisper


I imagine her
as I listen
with half-closed eyes

and the crescent moon is the memory of night
there we catch a late night dream
between need and stimulation


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Lovely Hyacinth Garden blooms indeed Respected Mr 9inety

Lovely Hyacinth Garden blooms indeed Respected Mr 9inety.Left me wondering and wondering who is she?? maybe just a figment of wild imagination.



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Day dreaming forever..

This poem in itself reminds me of a daydream. It is so beautfiul Dylan. I have never been any good at commenting on other's works but I do it merely so that they will know I have read it and liked it. I loved this one. Take care


"It is a terrible thing to be so open. It is as if my heart put on a face and walked into the world" -- Sylvia Plath.

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thank you

your commenting is well,

better than you think,

and I am sure that if you think you do not comment very well, it is the only thing that you do not do well...



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot