Hyacinth garden



and hassled


wanting nothing more than to sleep


away from days of chaos
these are the nights that
challenge your craving
in the dark
you chase after a secret language


exstinguish your fear
glide into the musing
take a short vacation


absolutely without prelude 

border in nighttime shadows wanting

excite in vibration


 quickened pace
your profile possessed

by internal force


so smoothly
the sweet tastes of splendor await

your the moon shining


as the light sparkles in your eyes 

more beautiful


just once
the wind


in your hand


beneath peaceful skies
hold the of heart

of your lover







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Far out! this is just

Far out! this is just gorgeous!!! Beautifully edited! Back to your best! Divine! Loved the first line and the way it twisted its self to the last!  Hugss 

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