manifest legends through the journey of phantasm


they tell of banshee’s lying in the low


diffuse in the darkness


there thin lips suspend the night


low in the darkness


all corrupt harsh is the night


vision black in the bitter night


remain eerily quiet


remain stridently silent


test all specters of the macabre


rake the silence there low in the darkness 


primal voices like the screech of owls


fly through me


grim with the cold


velocity and vibration inhuman white faces


odd obsessions and exposed decay


edge of forever the need to escape


always old and will consume with ever hungry eyes


stay in the darkness here in the corrosion of my heart


knelt beneath you and you impair me too


Banshee you hear as I moan my secret to you











Author's Notes/Comments: 

we all have fears and demons

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A new subject of the unknown fears

A new subject of the unknown fears well tackled with justice to words chosen