the echo of this thunder


old enough to know better when secretive damage is induced

always a source of hesitation, and logical promises soon give way

imperfect in love's field, when taken to task trust is reduced
 a shrug of the shoulder, flipping up a finger in a rude way


keep me on the brink, I’m bare but obscured

between all this lonely anticipation it soon gets old
to miss the joy and laughter that surely would have cured

words crying are a certain sign that bitter stories were told


a blindfold awaits for what my love would do

of a heart and soul that has desire for you

the echo of this thunder it startled the world

as the lightning bolts of truth were hurled


blend in with the pain that haunts it is not hard to recognize

this transient life of torture surrenders to broken synapse

it becomes likely enough that different looks are still telling lies
senseless is his prayer as it was more of a crime than a relapse


stop and just listen observe a moment of silence
a message is derived in co-dependence within defiance

she has no way to cover the image or change the villain over
an apoplectic lunatic of renouncing all his past while seeking closure

one may try to hide their soul

this attitude of the conscience

this proposition of self-control

shrouded deep in the subconscious


but in her unique way of touching his heart

no more worries of being with me she has quite a special view

in a whisper the wisdom she will impart, they have new start

a destiny in practiced voice, as if it was always true

Author's Notes/Comments: 

sometimes, I drink too much...

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I love this.  

I love this.


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thank you

so much it means alot to me



"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot