un pas de deux

Hyacinth garden




this our night of the hunger moon

cold Valentine’s rite

in this our city

the city of love


could this natural man

sift his lunar moments

to flow along

see this moons face yellow and mellow

his heart of hearts will proffer

not afraid to prosper as moonlight does collect

depth of self share mortar and pestle

drift inch by inch now light and dark connect


she exerts this moment for herself

to the utmost, soft felt of the spot long overdue

a ballet in a correct position

glide and linger un pas de deux


” my pet, let us kiss"

She lays me down when sweet whispers invoke

"Please lover do not refuse me this"

as I deliver swift stroke, after each swift thunderous stroke


sweet lips request boundless bliss
fingers brush thy tender breast
stimulate your lovers’ quest

beyond the brink of ecstasy and blessed


her face gone flush

feel the rush

her beauty, her blush

her eyes fated to close with hush

come, my beloved, as the moonlight

endorses each caress

feel its loveliness

shine in surrender

           our bodies for our bodies offered full and free            
tranquility compels our love, remain with me
as the moon, bids us both fair morn

in the dawns light we will reunite in ecstasy


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Picturesque love affair consummating in a xxxx ?

Picturesque love affair consummating in a xxxx resembling your profile pic(I mean the calligraphy or collage) I'm confused Respected Dr Confucius 9inety.Passionate yet the softer side.. not hard-core.Not the usual flowery jumble.