Cardinal's Rule

Hyacinth garden


there is a scene in the marsh where a cardinal rises

from the wildflowers, and the wintered brown grasses
all weaved down close to the brackish earth


on slumbered sycamore there would he perch, a far-away, and vigorous shape
in the clement touch of spring, near in morn’s first light
free from scrutiny, with dignity and above the sodden land


in his way of life, sustaining for direction
all this natural surface, contrast the red against ashen stem
the figure under the leafless and budding limb


there branches twine as if their bark were finely focused by decree
no ordinary winter this one past bleak as forbidden myths
the cardinal in victory, as keen was his eye, the win was his decisively


all and all he lives the endowment of his consequence
he alone of all could still be seen, proud as he amazes
he had nothing to give back to the world except to sing in clear whistled phrases

Author's Notes/Comments: 

I have waited for this day for six long cold months, spring has sprung!!! SUMMER IS NOT FAR BEHIND!!!

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bishu's picture

Nature's true worth

Great choice of words and placement. The orchestra can be heard from far far away.

I can almost "see" the "smiling face of spring" after the bitter winter...............Choreography

of words are stupendous !! I try and try but nothing good or worthwhile comes out !!!!!!!!!

"The Happy Prince" ?? Could you please read my "Edifice" and give your considered critical

views on the choice of words and the central idea