the creek (twenty-first-centuries shame)

Hyacinth garden

I travelled easy to creek this evening, as the day went down slow
the creek out back of the shotgun shack where brackish waters flow

and I thought long about all the twining changes since the day was dawn
also, about the creatures of the marsh to be counted with their clamor withdrawn

they have the right by no established decree, nor do they ask what judgment awaits
as the stars glow above, on this blameless charm, only words that a simple poet states

I hear the stir of hushed night wings, as I look to the sky on this cloudless night
while an early moon waxes on with all its spectacle in the realms eerie light

this could be ten thousand years ago if the world would stay the same
but this wondrous sight is vulnerable now to the twenty-first-centuries shame

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CoreyRyan1's picture

Very cool. I enjoyed it. I

Very cool. I enjoyed it. I think your rhyme scheme works well.

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Thank you

for your comment

"One of the best results of life, is the torment of love"

Dylan Eliot