My Nightingale Dear

Hyacinth garden

hear her voice with a definable tone
my Nightingale dear, she sings alone
scattered to the winds in her song unknown

in the past softly crying, with eternal motions
affecting rains on wide ancient oceans
rim the clouded night with spectral notions

present poets, with little hesitation
effect what is considered clever conversation
often punished with sufficient obligation

people there, of witty exchange
the human condition is sometimes so strange
young, always young what do the shadows arrange

but my Nightingale dear, beautifully immortal forever and a year
a flow of effluence thru souls thought to be much lovelier
to love is too forgive my Nightingale dear

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bishu's picture

Indian clapping and applauding

Excellent work from the pages of Nature........................... Keep going.

I feel like I am a teenager once more savouring the beauty of Nature

and tasting its nectar !!



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Musical and pensive ...

I loved the mood in this beautiful poem ... It speaks of yesteryear and of ... forgiveness. The voice of maturity.
South African greetings

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My Nightingale Dear

A very well written and lovely poem.

Smile.. it is the cheapest facelift.

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I have one little question and it bodes only for meaning twisted a little wondering if the last line's too meant to be too or be to? Works either way but for my interpretations sake and flow could you confirm?
Wonderful work as always :) high regards SS

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