Bella Mia, la mia canzone bella

Hyacinth garden

my gilded dusted vision
a dreamer of sweet dreams
exquisite pause in time
in which, I am charmed in such a way
I am a spectator to all the fullness of resplendence
this one consummate creation
like an illustration of spirit
with recognized prestige
woman within my intent
you seem to be listening
listening to distant music
your obvious elegance
her deftly graceful effect
all natural things are as if meandered
through and through with lyrical poetry
they seem to play, she is, her fine song
away from worlds of cloaked blackness
pursed lips like subtle rubies
through her solemn human flesh
woman with singing brown eyes above the horizon
will you arrive in harmonious mode

Bella Mia, la mia canzone bella

can she ever see me
will she ever hear my song

Author's Notes/Comments: 

revisited and revised
for Valentines Day
Inspired by 14th and 15 century Italian Renaissance Poetry like the old master's sue me if the piece is not as masterful

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Admirer of her Beauty ...

and expression refined, as always; the soul, a beautiful bell, in love.