dragonfly's whisper

Hyacinth garden


Spin back time, down through years where I was in an age of dreamy boyhood shimmer.
Watery words hint of revelries, exposing pristine chronicles within mystery's unknown glimmer.
Like flying water nymphs, dragonfly's whisper to lazy waters, their flight hurried above,
then darting below, always hovering in place.
While intimacy floats sleeping but, awakens to sweet songbirds melody like spirits of water flowing with ease,
seemingly without pace.
Spirits are moving into treasured day lilies that bask in hot and humid mid-day, never wilting from that shining love,
they too are the suns wanton slaves.
My thirsty heart looks out past trembling tangled kisses of swimming carp,
where suns light is dappled through the leafy trees felled by gravity into submerged graves.
Listening to the last rays the summer's sun in a view,
glistening as a flaming red ball draped in hazy July dusk.
Gypsy dragonflies tell a tale to the lake,
whose murky blue green waters glide beneath cool spraying fountains of purring trickled musk.
Lying prone alongside crowded lake, I drink sweet summer water to quench heated lusts before rapture runs.
Knowing all along, colors cannot endure, after the cold hands of winter's rust extinguish sumptuous suns.
Until, sultry night has time to cool feelings of passionate desire.
Those summer days where exhilaration never extinguished my fire.

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revised and reprinted

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overgrown's picture

cool. i like the detailed

cool. i like the detailed descriptions. the details like laying prone and the lilies basking. things painting a picture in my mind.  the overall vocab i liked too.  wish it rhymed.  i did not make it to the end. lost interest and started skimming. sorry just being honest. 

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Vivid imagery

Thanks for sharing this. I love the imagery and the way the words create movement, yet keeps the reader right there. Very much like a dragonfly I say. Lovely.