away in mystery

Hyacinth garden

pull a star from the skies
and moonbeams weave them like silk
moonlight white like milk
see it in your eyes

just coincidence the waning night

fascination dwells within
reflective of delight

veiled in guise that of a silkworm's sprite
time we shared on Snow Moon lit night
sometimes it seems unreal photographed
in black and white

another time imagined
a passing voice of grace
soft as silk and fine

breath seized casually
and then released
trailing off in steaming air

knitting desire from needs, as love requires

still the cameo gets ripped and needs repair
from the dream weavers loom

still voice of winter city blues calling from a back room
from boudoir to street
the song now growing distant

satin auras twirl
in a dream
color them with my delivery

they crawl slowly inside to become pale

below a rising velvet sky
feel the pull of gray gravity

rectify what you missed
all we need is kissed good-bye

on night's cheek
bound hungrily in restless realms
as time cascades and drifts
away in mystery

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