“That is Perfect”!

Hyacinth garden

she used always say “That is Perfect”!

but she never said it about me…

you know I’m flawed so perfect is hard to define

perfect you're not easy to find

I’m just a broken branch without a family tree

what’s the problem perfect

it’s not that easy to select

perfect you're not easy to find

I guess you would make being flawed a crime

the feeling still has that sting

can’t find the perfect fit

yesterday I begged you for just a little bit

and still angels of heaven sing

you know they are perfect

tell me the problem perfect

no she don’t say a thing

all I leave behind me goes unchecked

the memories’ tell me so

and although I am old, I can still grow

I guess I was perfectly flawed

but at least I was never a fraud

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This is an awesome poem

This is an awesome poem