edge of flames

Hyacinth garden

when a blaze is untamed

it can change color randomly

I am on the edge of flames.

heat clings to shadows

they bake and crack with enchantment

to become shades of violet

and surface blues

than eclipsing reds

inventive brilliance

see into the inferno

where smoke combines with distant specks of

far away

wait for it to split open

and crumble then scatter.

Now I am here.

I am in this place

of ashen wooden ruins and howling spirits.

inside worshipped waves of fire

others try to extinguish me

they swell over my charred remains

I rock and crackle

everyone opens their eyes wide

no matter how hard they tried

None succeeds in putting out the flames.

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This is an outstanding poem

This is an outstanding poem by someone I consider a great writer.