angels adorn

Hyacinth garden

I spend too much time lost in a wish.

I wish for some more time.

Like a jeweler engrossed by his burnish.

Or, perhaps like poet in search of a better rhyme.

For a second chance that will let me win.

But, there is always a dispute.

Like the sea conceals a deadly fin.

These moments where I remain mute.

Until, the end finds a way to begin.

As it blow’s across the stormy bay.

Like the shrill wind out of tune.

It gets harder at the end of the day.

Like the withered face on the moon.

Still it seems everywhere I turn.

My desire will always burn.

I need to feel that milky smooth skin.

As if I never knew my lover's sin.

Like clouds that cast shadows from the sky.

As I wander farther away from that sweet angels adorned eye.

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This is all truth, very well

This is all truth, very well writen