Hyacinth garden

As the saying goes, there is calm before the storm.

You can almost hear breath panting in thunderclouds.

Sweet heat in friction, it makes me a little restless, I mean you no harm.

Swallowed by a downpour, luster in your allure endowed.

With a shiver of anticipation, natural as breathing, feel the steamy summer rain.

Lightening splits so bright, our storm rages in the night.

It kisses our skin; we made love to the drip drops rhythmic refrain.

Having this magic energy, we make the most of our water right.

We collect drops like precious shapes, painted by cloudbursts.

The passions in us rumble, while only love can quench our thirst.

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sanctus's picture

A wonderful, reflective

A wonderful, reflective piece. I have so enjoyed reading your work