Nine Toes Prose

Hyacinth garden

I am so hot for her that she cannot look me in the eyes. I know she does not love me! She will never be mine! So what difference does it make? I have sunk to the top. Within her deceptive mind and her myopic soul now she is free to be completely frivolous. . .

I am in lust, lust I am in---

Teachers clearly are not the most brilliant candles in the church as they prey along the pews.  

The city streets are demanding with my name at the bottom, as if someone clearly thinks they can use me to convince another lover.

I am in lust that is all; I feel munificent, sublime, beastly, and so treacherous. . .

You know, I am kidding you, I mean, I meant every word I wrote.

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This is an outstanding poem 

This is an outstanding poem