a hazy moon

I left a place in time

that commingled

in the fields

of greed.

Where a mere sliver of betrayal

creates like a shot

the evaporation of significant


Her open palms

slid across my skin

a suggestion undignified and unimpressive.

Her slick harbor was


there was no cocoon

of euphoric


It was not a place of lace-havened candle light.

No bathes of secret sensuousness.

Only shadows bordered by whispers.

Words perched on her lips but they never jumped over the edge.

I heard only my silently heaved moans.

Moans of masked desire.

Ephemeral truth succumbs to the lithesome phantom.

Behind my closed eyes, there is nothing, other than vague notion.

Lit only by undefined lights.

I clutch at what my soul secretes.

I never look back.

But I can I tell my universe is ever interlaced.

What proof but existence.

It is, what is, is…

It is where strangers accept

the ecstasy of obscurity,

and then,

the consolation of a hazy moon.

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another masterpiece!

another masterpiece!